Saturday, 22 January 2011

I had been feeling a bit guilty about rejecting Lewisham hospital as the place to have my baby. I am generally proud to come from Lewisham and have happily availed myself of many of its products and services over the years, e.g. the Fox & Firkin, Favorite Chicken & Rib, Cash Converters, not to mention Catford Island (home to an exceptionally clean MacDonald's and a decent Lidl).

Then I had dinner with Sureka, who is also pregnant.

"I'm not having my baby in Lewisham hospital," she said.

"Me neither," I said. "I feel a bit bad, though. It's probably just as good as all the other hospitals."

"I was in there the other day, actually," said Sureka. "While I was sat in the waiting room, I saw a mouse run right across the floor."

The thing is, King's is probably nearer as the crow flies anyway.

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  1. You're likely to get better treatment in Catford island. I once spent a whole night in the emergency room, on my own, before it emerged there were no doctors.